Murder In The Mayor’s Parlour

“What we’re doing next is extremely dangerous. I want to be really clear about that before we go any further.” Kailynne looked directly into the camera, pausing for dramatic effect. The wings of her sharp black eyeliner were still unfairly perfect, considering it was nearly 3am and they’d been sitting in the warmth of the Lord Mayor’s Parlour since before 10. Ellie thought she’d like the girl more if her makeup had smudged, even a little.

Death In Paradise

Sun, sand, and… super difficult to solve murders!

I ran the social media channels for the BBC’s beloved Death In Paradise from series 10 onwards, creating shareable engaging content for fans following the account… but, mostly, giving the channels a bit of personality, making sure to get stuck into the live conversation during broadcast every week.

Rejection Club

If you’re too scared to hear “no”, you’ll never hear “yes”. So this year, we’re going to put ourselves out there. We’re going to apply for things, pitch things, try things.

Our goal is to get 50 rejections each by the end of 2023. Because, we reckon, if we can stop ourselves being afraid of rejection, then we’ll put ourselves in exactly the right places to do the things we never thought we’d be allowed to…

Creativity Tarot

Inspired by Jungian archetypes, branding archetypes, modern life, and traditional tarot decks, these cards work as a quick, fun way to tap into your intuition – or shake yourself out of a boredom rut.

Chillennial Horrors

What do you think of when you think about “00s horror”? Film journalist Jonathan Hatfull and I dig into the movies and trends of the 2000s, rewatching old favourites (and old not-so-favourites) to see how well they’ve aged.

Sarah & Leila

Leila Johnston and I set out to offer our digital storytelling and creativity skills to anyone who needed them. We ran workshops, we published an ebook, and we sent daily newsletters full of encouragement and creative prompts.

Dancing On Ice

If you thought watching celebrities attempting the death-defying headbanger on TV was nerve-racking, you should try doing it from the side of the rink… while live-tweeting the show.

Midsommar Director’s Cut review – SFX

Despite the brutal horror in Midsommar, the images that’ll stick with you after the credits roll are all close ups of Florence Pugh’s face. Pugh crying inconsolably. Pugh screaming in abject horror. And, in the closing moments, Pugh smiling beatifically.

Big Brother & Celebrity Big Brother

Remember when Big Brother used to have a livestream that ran all day and all night, no matter what? That got axed a few seasons in, but every summer and every January between 2014 and 2017 I watched it anyway as a member of the show’s digital team.

The Complete Guide To Shirley Jackson – SciFiNow

The author of the scariest haunted house novel ever written and the most controversial short story The New Yorker ever published was notorious in her lifetime but forgotten shortly after her death. Now, Shirley Jackson is beginning to receive the kind of acclaim she’s always deserved

Get Lucky – Crime Scene

Superheroes often end up playing detective, but can a detective become a superhero? That’s the question season two of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man has got to answer. Crime Scene tries its luck on set…