Leila and I created the Creativity Tarot deck after noticing that a lot of people had been feeling pretty stuck during the long, uncertain pandemic period. Inspired by Jungian archetypes, branding archetypes, modern life, and traditional tarot decks, these cards work as a quick, fun way to tap into your intuition.

Sounds a bit woo? As well as symbols and word prompts, each card has a specific creative prompt on it. So if you’re not looking for anything deep, just draw a card and do what it says. The exercises are ideal for tackling writers’ block, providing thought starters, inspiring new ways of looking at problems… or just keeping yourself entertained.

We promise that after building a blanket fort, making a funny meal or writing a furious argument against the existence of a popular season, you’re going to feel a whole lot better than you did before.

A limited run of Creativity Tarot cards is available via our Etsy shop.