I’m Sarah Dobbs, and here’s where I’m supposed to tell you what I do.

Well, the answer is… lots of things. Mostly, I’m a freelance writer; I’ve written about film, technology, pop music, TV, books, games, weddings, and plenty of other stuff, too. Horror movies are my real love, but I’ll tackle anything.

I’ve also run a couple of websites, managed some social media accounts, and done some copy-editing. Sometimes I organise events, and sometimes I work in a press office. I love magazines, I love social media, and I love talking to people who are passionate about what they do. That more or less sums it up, I guess.

Here are some specific things I’ve done that you can see online:

You can see more of my work in my online portfolio, and my blog is here. If you’d like me to do some work with you, please get in touch!